Nathan Long

President of Quest Trust Company

Nathan Long, President of Quest Trust Company is the brother of Quest Trust CEO/Owner H. Quincy Long. Nathan has a background, and comes from, a real estate investing family. Nathan worked for 17 years in the automotive industry, for a large automobile conglomerate, Automotive Investment Group, AIG. He started out as a salesman and worked his way up into management. Nathan obtained a lot of his business and managerial background from that industry, but he sees that there are many parallels with his experience in helping to grow Quest Trust.

As Quest Trust began to grow, and Quincy started searching for experienced talent, Nathan became the perfect candidate to get Quest Trust. to the next level. Nathan has helped Quest Trust grow from a small 5 person family business to a small company with more than 100 employees and over $1.5 Billion under administration for over 15000 clients. Nathan also practices what he teaches by having his own IRA, HSA and 401(k) invest in the assets and strategies that Quest Trust teaches. If you have talked with anyone who has heard or seen Nathan present information on Self-Directed IRAs, you would know that he presents the information in such a fun manner that it is almost impossible not to like him right away and understand everything that he has just presented.