Source Assets. Build Systems. Grow Your Network & Your Net Worth.

The formula for building a successful note business is simple. You need knowledge, tools, asset sources, capital, and a network of buyers. Whether you need one of these or all of them, we created the NoteExpo for you.

Distressed debt is the hottest niche in real estate investing. And NoteExpo has one goal…to help you capitalize on it now while the opportunity is at its peak.

The first annual NoteExpo was launched to fill a void in the Note Industry. Even though note investing events have proliferated over the past few years, we hear from our clients that they want one big event that combines education, networking, a vendor exhibition area of the highest quality, and they want it to be run as professionally as you run your business, including a premium venue, sessions that start and stop on time, and an atmosphere where guests aren’t subjected to nonstop sales pitches.

You'll Join Us & Hundreds Of Investors Seeking...

  • To capitalize on the boom in distressed assets.

  • Higher potential yield on their capital.

  • Greater security, less risk.

  • Less risk.

  • Additional passive income streams.

  • And above all, vital connections to a community of like-minded, successful entrepreneurs & investors.

Here Are Some Of The People You’ll Learn From…

  • Note investors who have new strategies and insights that you can bring to your business.
  • Professionals (engineers to executives..) who invest full-time and also those who invest part-time or “semi-passively” and how they do it.

  • Capital placement opportunities for those investors that want 100% passive placements that provide a predictable return.

  • Private lenders looking for deals to fund.

  • Vendors looking to help solve your problems.

  • Your next business partner, mentor, or funding source?

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Do At Virtual NoteExpo…

  • Participate in two full days of live, virtual workshops and sessions focusing on Leveraging Resources, Leveraging Capital, and Leveraging Technology – all devoted to providing you with the tools and strategies that are working today.

  • Hear from actual real estate investors like you who are putting creative investing strategies to work and building generational wealth in their own portfolios.

  • Network in our virtual vendor marketplace, “The Capital Marketplace” – a networking area within where buyers, sellers, investors, capital partners and vendors can connect and have live chat discussions.

  • Learn how to invest actively in notes, i.e. build a note business.

  • Learn how to invest passively, i.e. put your capital to work by buying the cashflow streams available with performing notes or by investing in a note-based Capital Fund.

  • Discover how to use the power of tax-free compounding with self-directed IRAs to create “never taxed” income during your retirement years.

The Invitation

The invitation is simple: come experience a rich, interactive learning environment, network with a group of creative, active fellow investors, and walk away with new strategies that will show you how to create generational wealth for your family and passive income streams for your current and future needs.

See You At NoteExpo!

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