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Shaun McCloskey

Coach, Speaker, Author at Leadership Boardroom

Shaun McCloskey is a seasoned coach and owner of Leadership Boardroom, a high calibur coaching and mastermind organization located in Shaun’s hometown of St. Louis, MO. He’s been investing since 2003 and has completed somewhere north of 300+ real estate deals consisting of just about every kind of investing strategy you can imagine.

Widely known for his expertise in pre-foreclosure flipping, Shaun has also been a
featured speaker at many of the top REIA’s in the country. He is the author of a number of home study course on the subject of real estate investing and speaking, and is considered “the Coach’s coach,” coaching a number of high caliber business and real estate coaches across the country.

Shaun and his wife Jennie have 3 children, Lucas, Norah and Elise and are members of The Crossing church in Chesterfield, MO. He also plays lead guitar and sings in a band… just for fun! His personal and business motto is “give first.” Although by the world’s standards Shaun has been considered to be a very successful real estate investor, author and real estate coach, 10 years ago he realized that he was working far too much and was consumed by his real estate investing business.

But you’ll learn how and why things radically changed for him for the better when he learned and started applying the concepts and principals we’ll be cracking open together Wednesday.