Get a Great Discount on Your NoteExpo 2022 Ticket!
Get a Great Discount on Your NoteExpo 2022 Ticket!


“There really is no other place you can go to figure out what’s going on in the guts of the industry.”

~ Justin Wagner

NoteExpo 2022 Speakers

Eddie Speed

Cade Thompson

Ron Eccles

Bob Repass

Martha Speed

Pat Precourt

Michael Griffith

Nathan Long

Jeff Watson

Mike Hambright

Glenn Lee

Bill Bymel

Chris Pummill

Thomas Muth

Max Keller

Jorge Newbery

Joe Varnadore

Tracy Z. Rewey

David Pollio

Cody Faller

Matt Keelen

Byron McBroom

Chaz Guinn

Jay Tenenbaum

Charles Mangan

Laurice Srichinda

Patrick Decker

Mike Powell


“You get here and see people who are doing things on a level you’re not on yet, and that inspires me”

~ Jeremy Scott 

NoteExpo 2022 Sponsors

NoteExpo 2022 Vendors


“Our first NoteExpo, and it’s amazing. Phenomenal!”

~ Cynthia Sterling & Lois Meyer


“It’s like recharging my batteries. I get enthused again. I meet a lot of other people in the business. I get a lot of ideas. I get reminded of things I forgot. And I get to connect with old friends.”

~ Dave Storton