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Get a Great Discount on Your NoteExpo 2022 Ticket!

Tim Griffith


FCI Lender Services, Inc.

Tim Griffith began his note purchasing career in 2014. Tim mostly focused his attention to purchasing delinquent notes, getting them to reperform and selling them as “Partials” to private investors. In a few short years, he accumulated over 75 “Partial” notes in his personal investment portfolio, in addition to his other note holdings and REO’s.

Based on his success model of purchasing delinquent notes, Tim became the President of FCI Exchange & Exchange Loans where he helped develop online acquisition models to assist other investors with “Probability Models” for purchasing and tracking note acquisition variables to help ensure a smooth, safe, and profitable transactions. Tim’s modeling system was used by many for the one loan at a time purchase, in addition to the purchasing of large loan portfolios by Tim and his investor groups.

Tim is currently the Director of Special Projects and the head FCI’s development team and oversees all custom programming for FCI’s internal and external eco systems. Tim’s focus is technology and to assist in simplifying processes and enhancing customers’ timelines and experiences. Tim’s latest release is the all new Lender Web Portal, completely driven by API’s directly from FCI’s operating system. In addition, customers of FCI may now “Pull or Push” all their loan information from, or into FCI’s operating system by using the API technology. As a private investor, Tim’s experience allows him to look through the lens of what other investors see and need when servicing their loans at FCI.