Ryan Parson MBA, CFP®, ChFC

Chairman & Chief Investment Officer at Heritage Capital USA, Inc. & Mile Marker Club
Director of Investor Relations, Colonial Capital Management

Ryan Parson is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Heritage Capital USA, Inc. and Mile Marker Club as well as the Director of Investor Relations at Colonial Capital Management. He is also a renowned nationwide speaker on alternative investing and portfolio management. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial services, insurance and real estate industries, Ryan works with individual and business clients to provide financing solutions for all types of real estate and alternative investments (those outside the world of traditional stocks and bonds).

Ryan’s unique expertise comes from his in-depth knowledge of both the traditional financial services market and alternative investments, and his rich history of activity in various sectors — real estate, healthcare, energy and others. His clients receive personalized access to valuable insights, and the assets in which he specializes are structured to create a predictable outcome. They are well suited to clients who wish to acquire alternatives as part of their personal portfolio or as part of their self-directed IRA or other types of tax-qualified accounts.

His current focus is working with accredited investors seeking exclusive capital placement options that provide diversification, capital preservation, and income. He shows investors how to integrate alternative investments into a well-diversified portfolio. Ryan’s firm consistently creates attractive income sources and long-term capital growth for its investors.

Heritage Capital USA, Inc. affords accredited investors the opportunity to create a well-balanced and risk-adjusted portfolio of alternative investments, including private equity, private lending, various real estate related assets, and business development companies. Its expansive network of exclusive off-market inventory provides access to assets that were once only available to Wall Street.

Colonial Capital Management specializes in working with accredited individual or institutional investors who wish to add discounted and distressed mortgages to their portfolio. Colonial brings a family of private placement capital funds to the marketplace through Ryan’s long-time and trusted relationships with accredited investors.

The Mile Marker Club provides its members with access to desirable, off-market deals not available to the public, to expert professionals who are well-versed in the space of alternative investments, and numerous advanced financial educational topics from industry experts.

Ryan is widely recognized throughout the financial services industry. He has undergraduate degrees in both finance and insurance, and an MBA, from Drake University. His designations include ChFC, CLU, and CFP®. He speaks nationally on topics including private and institutional capital deployment techniques, investment analysis, portfolio management, and advance financial planning strategies.

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