Pat Precourt

Owner, North Shore Enterprises

Pat is a multi-talented entrepreneur -- an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and influencing and a master of sales and leadership. His most innate skill set is to pull the best out of you -- to strip down the shell, drive right to the core and uncover what it is that truly drives you. Something that may have been buried so long you hardly recognize it. Pat is known across the industry as the quiet guru -- the guy who speaks with his actions and documented results, not with long web copy, fancy marketing tricks and copycat tactics. He tells it the way it is -- an unedited opinion of a self-made entrepreneur and insanely successful business owner. Pat’s goal in his own words is “to help you discover, design and implement a path to true wealth and abundance by identifying your passions, exposing and conquering your fears, clearing the wealth blockers in life that prevent you from achieving your true potential and igniting that burning fire inside to become the leader and entrepreneurial powerhouse you were designed to be.”

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