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Get a Great Discount on Your NoteExpo 2022 Ticket!

Pat Precourt

Director of Inspiration at Precourt Enterprises

Patrick Precourt is a Personal development and small business strategic performance coach, speaker, author, athlete, MMA enthusiast, owner of The Cage fitness center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, husband and dad.

Patrick’s unique ability is to create massive transformation in individuals, change that lasts even after all other efforts have failed. Where most mentors and coaches end up focusing on the “what we do” and the “how we do it”, Patrick takes it way further and focuses on the WHY we must do it. The true difference is what defines achievement, what to do and how to do it, from fulfillment, WHY we do what we do.

One leaves us waiting for the weekend while the other — we live and enjoy every single day like it was the weekend!

WHAT and HOW can only take us so far. It’s the strategic approach to success. Like when we’re starting a new business we are told to start with a business plan (how we are going to do it), identify our market, provide a great product (what were going to do) and we will succeed., The sad truth tells a different story: 50% of business startups don’t see their 5th year. The average salary for an owner-operated small business is $38K per year and vast majority of ALL start up small businesses state they WOULD NOT do it again. How and WHAT without WHY is a recipe for FAILURE. This applies to our everyday life as well.