Michael Griffith

President & CEO, FCI Lender Services, Inc.

Michael  Griffith  has  an  M.B.A.  from  Pepperdine  University  and  over  35  years’  experience  in  Loan Origination,  Loan  Servicing,  Default  Servicing,  and  Real  Estate  and  Investment  Funds.    

He  founded  FCI Lender Services in 1982, and as President and CEO, he expanded FCI into a leading national Loan service’s provider and a recognized Loss Mitigation Specialty Servicer.  FCI has the proud designation as the top rated  Special  Servicer  in  the  country,  with  a  number  ONE  Rating  from  MorningStar,  Inc.,  the  rating service  located  in  New  York.    FCI  is  a  nationally  compliant  servicer,  with  over  $5  Billion  under  current management.  

FCI performs Loan Services for Private Money Lenders, Brokers, Investment Firms, Hedge Funds, Banks, Credit Unions, as well as providing Back-Up Servicing for other Servicers.  Michael is also responsible  for  the  company’s  internal  and  external  management,  strategic  development,  business relationships, and oversees the critical expansion of systems technologies.  

Michael has an intense focus on  developing  policies  to  continue  expanding  FCI  and  seizing  opportunities  in  the  volatile  Financial Services market.  He takes great pride in providing state of the art  Loan Servicing and Strategic Default Solutions to Investor clients of any size – with a motto of "One Loan at a Time͟.”

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