Fuquan Bilal

Founder, NNG Capital Fund, LLC

Fuquan Bilal is the CEO of NNG Capital Fund. He utilizes his more than 20 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities, capitalize on them. Today Fuquan heads up a multi-million dollar alternative investment fund, He is an author  and father to two budding entrepreneurs.

NNG Capital Fund, LLC has been established to give investors unique access to a diversified hybrid portfolio of mortgage notes and residential real estate at attractive annual yields. NNG Capital Fund acquire pools of mortgages nationwide and residential property located in New Jersey, where Class A Members have over 30 years of combined real estate operating experience. Using analytics, marketing and extensive personal networks, NNG Capital Fund purchases mortgage notes and residential real estate at a significant discount. Since distressed real estate often sells at a discount, NNG Capital currently focuses real estate acquisition efforts in New Jersey, which ranks #1 nationally in home foreclosures.

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