Fred Rewey


Fred Rewey is widely recognized for his negotiation, marketing, and deal structuring skills. His extensive background gives him a unique perspective on all aspects of the note industry. 

Author of three books and inducted into the National Speakers Association, Fred spends a lot of time on marketing – understanding human nature and creating automated funnels that turn prospects into raving fans. 

Entering into his fourth decade in the note industry Fred started his note business from his kitchen table in a 500 square foot apartment. Later joining one of the largest institutional note buyers, Fred helped create buying programs and industry standards for the other side of the table. 

In 1998 Fred left the corporate life to build Diversified Investment Services along with his business partner, and spouse, Tracy Z. Both parlayed that independent mentality to build multiple companies – most note industry related.   

While traveling around the world to educate new entrepreneurs, Fred will always finds time to ride motorcycles, fly stunt planes, and work on his golf game.