Chris Climer

Senior Acquisitions Manager / Portfolio Manager, Kirkland Group

Chris runs the non-performing channel of business at Kirkland, which includes deal sourcing, pricing/modeling, due diligence, and funding. He is also responsible for the disposition of all non-performing/re-performing loans, which can include loan sales, short sales, negotiating deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and modifying/re-selling loans.  Chris is also involved heavily in the acquisition of small balance commercial loans.

Kirkland Group (“Kirkland”) specializes in the acquisition of performing, sub-performing, re-performing, and non-performing residential mortgages, as well as commercial loans. We also acquire a large number of seller finance loans, both residential and small balance commercial.  Kirkland also has a private lending platform. Kirkland has very strong relationships with mortgage originators, institutional sellers, hedge funds, and brokers.  Kirkland acquires loans at a discount.