President & Managing Partner, Revolve Capital Group

Chaz Guinn is an accomplished real estate professional, public speaker, and Private Hedge Fund Manager. Fresh out of college, Chaz entered into the real estate market in the summer of 2006, and within 12 months the entire residential market had gone belly up and would be changed forever. Between 2007-2008, the period we now know as the “Great Recession”, over $2 Trillion dollars in home value was lost. Over 5M individuals lost their jobs/ careers. Unemployment neared 10%. Economic times we hadn’t seen in nearly 90 years since the “Great Depression”. This is where Chaz’s career took shape and he decided to pivot and be a part of the solution and jumped in on the foreclosure side of the business.

Since 2010, Chaz has developed 3 different hedge funds specialized in purchasing, managing, and selling NonPerforming mortgages on single family homes. These three companies combined have purchased over $600M in delinquent/non-performing mortgages. Chaz specializes in direct purchases with Tier 1 banks, Large Real Estate Funds & Trusts, Family offices, and Wall Street firms to conduct large acquisitions of Non-Performing mortgages. In addition, Chaz is constantly growing the investor database that has taken over a decade to procure over 2,500 investors who purchase Non-Performing Loans on a national basis, as well as, local investors who are close to these delinquent mortgages that can bring local attention to these homes.

He’s built a track record of structuring, negotiating and executing some of the largest trades in the distressed market segment. Chaz is educating a new wave of investors coming into the market that traditionally have been invested into local fix and flips, creating long-term rentals, the stock market, annuities, commercial properties, or multi-family assets. Combining his education in Finance and Economics, creating long-term cash-flow through the acquisition of nonperforming / re-performing mortgage loans has been the mission that has held true these last thirteen years.

Mr. Guinn has experience in servicing and special servicing activities, including loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy and real estate owned. Mr. Guinn has a BA from Montana State University with an emphasis in Real Estate Finance and a minor in Business Administration.

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