Brandon Bachik

Founder, Simple House Solutions

My name is Marcus Brandon Bachik and I was born and raised in Waco, Texas where I attended high school and Baylor University. I graduated high school in the top 10 in my class and graduated Baylor Pre-Med with a 3.93 GPA.  It was always my dream to be a physician in the medical field. After being accepted to several medical schools I had a gut feeling that my calling was NOT to pursue medicine. I listened to my gut and worked for Pfizer for 10 years until God was ready for me to pursue my true calling in life.  I now wake up everyday with the goal of Transforming homes, lives and communities.  

I was raised by a single mother who always put herself second to my brother and I.  I say that because her sacrifice is what gives myself my “WHY” in life and in business.  Her example allows me to lead not only my business but helps me make decisions in our commercial and single family projects and treat my tenants as people NOT dollar signs.  

At Simple House Solutions we pride ourselves on having Core Values.  These values are who Dwight and I are as individuals and transcend to how we do business and our company culture.  Our core values are Simple but we choose to surround ourselves with individuals and companies who believe these same values.  
1. Do what you say you are going to do

2. Be Obsessed with helping others

3. Positive Can-Do Attitude

4. Team Player

5. Exceed Expectations

6. Accountable & Reliable

At Simple House Solutions we believe we are building something awesome and we strive everyday to reach out to individuals through our marketing efforts who are showing some signs of distress.  Our focus is to help these individuals by getting the biggest burden,
 usually their house, off their shoulders so they can move to the next place in life. Once a house is under contract we help our private lenders by giving them a very strong yield for the use of their money to purchase the house.  We then provide jobs to contractors
 and spend millions of dollars at local supply stores buying materials so that we can provide an amazing product for the future tenant or future homeowner. Everything we do is designed to help someone else and provide a win-win solution for all parties involved.

I believe that what we do is recession proof in many ways.  Yes, the market is always changing but when your goal is to help others get through difficult times in life there will always be a market for you.  The real estate market is stronger than ever and has been the last few years and we are still able to buy houses at 70 and 75 cents on the dollar. When the market changes and slows down we will be able to buy houses even cheaper.  

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