Mitch Stephen

Real Estate Entrepreneur and Author

Mitch Stephen is an overnight success, twenty plus years in the making. With over 1,500 transactions to his credit, he began in traditional Wholesaling and Fix & Flip fashion. He soon learned to recognize those processes as more of a glorified job.

In an effort to build residual income Stephen evolved into the Buy & Hold strategy, but being a landlord didn’t set well with Mitch. Through a long strain of trials and errors the discovery was made an art was perfected; Owner Financing is a way to keep the cash flow and lose 99% of the traditional landlord liabilities.

Mitch has perfected the art of owner financing; using OPM to buy and then selling on installments. Along the way he perfected all the different elements necessary to achieve financial freedom; raising private money, finding 100 or more deals a year without seeing them personally, selling without talking to buyers, selling notes without taking a discount, and how to systematize it all! His journey is a true life case study in “adapt and overcome” entrepreneurialism.

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