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CEO, Root Whole Body

Pat Johnson is a futurist, anthropologist and entrepreneur.  

A 25-year brand veteran, she’s principal of Ammonista – a unique consultancy that merges brand strategy with entrepreneurialism.    

Transforming future trends and cultural insights into authentic business strategies, Pat helps companies create brands of significance.  An entrepreneur herself, she brings thought leadership to global health, energy and technology companies – participates in several investment funds - and advises many start-ups. Foreseeing the continuing ‘upstream’ focus of the health care industry, she founded Root Whole Body, a whole body health concept for those seeking a natural-first approach to their health and vitality.  

Prior to Ammonista, she directed some of the best brands in the business, as Founder/CEO of nationally-acclaimed creative ad agency NORTH.

Saturday Morning Keynote Address 
THE STORY OF YOU: Business IS Personal
After a career of building some of the most successful brands in the country, Pat Johnson shares her insights on the power of the founder’s story - the personal values that transform a business from good to great. Pat will share tips on how to excavate your own story – and share her story of how a personal health crisis inspired her latest business venture, Root Whole Body.

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