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Ralph Marshall

Project Manager, NotesDirect.com

Ralph Marshall is the Implementation Director and Project Manager for NotesDirect.com.  Ralph is also a USAF officer who is known in the industry for his personal integrity and for the excellence of his performance in the field of note investing. He is also a Certified Note Investor and has helped his company and clients achieve their dreams through building a passive residual income stream. Ralph Marshall has been in the real estate and note investing business for 14 years. He has personally reviewed thousands of loans determining the viability of each loan based on strict investment criteria. This attention to detail has helped hundreds of clients make wise investment decisions.

Ralph Marshall began his journey in the real estate investment arena while serving honorably in the United States Air Force. Ralph has served in many leadership capacities as an officer in the USAF for the past 20 years. These duties ranged from managing hundreds of personnel to overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. He also flew Boeing 737’s for a major US airline. In his spare time, Ralph enjoys traveling, working with the Wilmington, DE Rotary Club, Wilmington, DE Little League and spending time with his wife, two sons, and baby girl.

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