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Paul Birkett

Managing Member, Automation Finance

Raised in Dublin Ireland, Paul started his career at Procter & Gamble before spending 18 years at PepsiCo where he served as Vice President and General Manager for the $3Bn Non-Carbonated Beverage portfolio and the New York Market Unit.

Disappointed with the low returns from his traditional investments, Paul began to accumulate a portfolio of 40 rental properties to provide consistent passive income for the long term. When a distressed residential property purchase eventually became a non-performing mortgage purchase, it changed his life forever. Finally, a long-term investment, secured by real estate that would produce predictable income for 30 years.

Within a 2 years, he had liquidated his rental portfolio, left corporate life and launched Automation Finance. Automation Finance works with smaller investors to automate their passive income and retirement plans with investments secured by real estate.

The company buys performing and non-performing residential mortgages and holds them for long-term income. Since launching Automation Finance in 2014, the company has purchased and liquidated 1500 mortgage loans with a par value of $100mm. Paul lives in New York City, is a disappointing triathlete in summer and skier in winter and a former world-record holder. Along with a team of college friends, he constructed and mailed the world’s largest holiday card (30 ft x 40 ft) to support the purchase and rehab of a homeless shelter in Dublin Ireland.

Company Description Automation Finance creates institutional investments for anybody with $1,000. The company acquires performing and non-performing residential mortgages and actively manages them to maximize their value.

Since launching Automation Finance in 2014, the company has purchased and liquidated 1,500 mortgage loans with a par value of $100mm.

Automation Finance raises capital under Regulation A+ of the Securities Act (The Jobs Act). That means we deal directly with smaller investors. There are no commissions or broker fees to pay. In fact, we don’t charge any fees at all to invest or manage your capital.

  • We value transparency: Expect comprehensive monthly reports that detail every penny.
  • We value automation: We drive out costs and streamline processes
  • We value metrics: We measure everything, look for benchmarks to beat and records to set

Automation Finance buys performing and non-performing residential mortgage loans secured by occupied real estate from banks, loan servicers and hedge funds. We target lower-value assets with collateral values between $35,000 and $125,000. Our team of licensed professionals work with the homeowner to address their hardship and return the loan to performing status.

Automation Finance also offers loans for sale through its monthly loan sale program. Visit www.AutomationFinance.com to register for loan-sale notifications.

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