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Chief Executive Officer, Equity Trust Company

Jeff has worked in the self-directed IRA industry for nearly 15 years. Since joining Equity Trust Company and its affiliates, he’s had the opportunity to truly learn the business from the ground up. Initially focused on sales, he was able to gain invaluable insight on both the product and the client using the accounts. Jeff has been promoted numerous times throughout his career with Equity Trust and has had the opportunity to lead a number of the company’s most important initiatives. During his tenure Jeff has held multiple leadership roles within the company including, Director of Operations and Client Services, Vice President of Operations and Client Services, and President of Equity Administration.

Jeff holds Series 7 (General Securities Representative) and 27 (Financial and Operations Principal) licenses with FINRA, and he holds a Life and Health Insurance License with the State of Ohio. Additionally he serves as a director for a number of private companies. He has been quoted in numerous financial publications including CBS Marketwatch, INC. magazine, the New York Times, and Smart Money Magazine, and is a guest lecturer at The Ohio State University’s prestigious Max Fisher College of Business.

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