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Managing Director, Granite Strategic Investments

Mr. Guinn is the President and Managing Director of Granite Strategic Investments “Granite”. Chaz, has been instrumental in the architecture of the acquisition, portfolio management, investor relations, and trading platform here at Granite. Chaz specializes in distressed whole loan trading, and has built a reputation on a track record of structuring, negotiating, and executing some of the hardest trades possible in the low-value market segment.

Over the last decade, Mr. Guinn established a whole loan trading desk for a large private equity firm in the U.S. that managed over a $1 billion loan portfolio. At his previous company, Granite Loan Solutions, Chaz was focused on the architecture of the trading platform, as well as, the accumulation of qualified investors where over the last few years he managed and liquidated over of $500M in assets, and over 6,500 properties. Chaz is positioning Granite to continue being a large platform of solution in the economic housing recovery. Both for the banking sector, but more importantly for the communities across our nation.

Combining his education in Finance and Economics with the practical management of supply and demand, Granite’s focus is to have a hands on approach with homeowners, and provide ways for families who have the economical means to remain in their homes. Granite has made a conscious strategy to allow other private investors and non-profit organizations to participate in this recovery as well.

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